Social Media Marketing – Google Plus Business Listings

In 2011, Google launched Google Plus (Google+), an internet social network modelled as an improvement to Facebook. By October ’11, it had accumulated over 40 million users. In Nov ’11, Google followed the lead of LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing businesses to have micro-sites (Pages) on its platform.

Facebook’s real value lies in the data it possesses. Facebook knows more about you than you do. It knows how you behave on its network, what you “like,” what you don’t like, what you type and talk about, what advertisements you click, what someone else might say that provokes a response from you, the sentiment of those responses, how you influence and are influenced by your connections.

The ability to return relevant options to your internet search engine query is the foundation of Google’s empire. Facebook is the most popular and active site on the Internet. How relevant can Google’s search algorithm be if it does not include the data Facebook owns? Either Google’s search results keep pace with, and reflect the ever-increasingly personalised nature of, the user’s experience or Google becomes irrelevant.

In 2010, Google merged local and organic search, elevating the importance of a consistent, pervasive presence in local listings. The single most powerful element in that effort is a Google Places page. This is neither accident nor coincidence.

Among your goals for social media marketing is to create authoritative links and expand the visibility of your company online. The priority and visibility of each link is decided by Google. We’re all playing on their field by their rules.