How Videos Can Help Promote Your Business

Since its creation in 2007, YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity, claiming the spot as the world’s second most popular website and boasting over one million unique visitors each month. Its audience is people in search of videos: informational, humorous, educational, how-to, newsworthy, musical, artsy – you name it, it’s out there.

Every business can benefit by creating a video – whether you’re selling a service or a product. It’s easy to release your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, link to them to your website, and also use them for other marketing purposes.

Marketing Trends – 2013 Online Marketing Summit

As a Dublin digital marketing agency, we continually identify and evaluate current marketing trends to help our clients increase their marketing success. At this year’s 2013 Dublin Web Summit, our team was able to meet with other top industry, online marketing professionals from multinational brands and world leading companies. The primary trends of this year’s are:

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Social Media Marketing – Google Plus Business Listings

In 2011, Google launched Google Plus (Google+), an internet social network modelled as an improvement to Facebook. By October ’11, it had accumulated over 40 million users. In Nov ’11, Google followed the lead of LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing businesses to have micro-sites (Pages) on its platform. Continue reading Social Media Marketing – Google Plus Business Listings


Brand development is the process of creating, maintaining and improving the performance of a product or service through a variety of advertising or promotional campaigns. It is the process of establishing and securing your product’s spot in the crowded marketplace through delivery of a core message, which connects to the consumer and resonates a positive association. Continue reading Branding

Brand Development

Brand development is crucial in today’s world, where the fight to get noticed amidst the global marketplace is getting tougher and more competitive. Magazines are thicker not because of content but because of ads; television is saturated with commercials and infomercials that present a hundred different versions of the same product. The internet is teeming with websites who are constantly advertising, and competing for the top spots in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Continue reading Brand Development

Event Marketing

Beyond creating corporate identity systems and core materials, it is often the one off projects that allow for maximum creativity.

Whether it is an elaborate campaign or an event which follows your current brand, our experience with creative marketing services like online campaigns, papers, inks and printing processes will ensure any event, fundraising campaign, annual party or conferences is truly magical. Continue reading Event Marketing

Professional Print Management Solutions

There’s nothing worse than approving the design for your new company literature, only to find that you need to find a printer, finisher, screenwriter or mailing house.

Our experienced team of print project managers can take control of all aspects of your project. We guarantee to find you the keenest prises and not compromise on quality. Continue reading Professional Print Management Solutions

Best Time Of Day For Social Media

Clients regularly ask “What is the best time of day for Social Media interaction?” The answer depends on which country/region you want to reach – and where you are currently based in the world.

For example, if your business is based on the East Coast (EC) of the United States, and you want to strategically target the whole United States. You should post around 11am and additionally post around 5pm for the West Coast. This will also reach target markets in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, etc. Continue reading Best Time Of Day For Social Media

Need Help Promoting Your Business?

Our expertise will definitely save you time and money and add value to your business. Our experience in industry has allowed us to develop a network of trade suppliers that are tried and tested. Our suppliers deal directly with us to provide unique media solutions at an affordable price.

Our team is at your service to ensure your design is completed to the quality and standard we expect, as we believe beautiful design is all in the detail. Continue reading Need Help Promoting Your Business?

Web Design and Layout

Design is more than just a pretty picture. Our designers are trained in human computer interaction (HCI). We know how to use design, layout, and navigation to guide your users where you want them to go. And the point of a website is to get your users to the message that you want them to see without making them dig through your site to find the gems. Continue reading Web Design and Layout

Our Environment

As a digital media agency agency our ultimate goal is a paperless environment. Our offices are all run paperlessly, well except for books and the like. Our core function is to create beautiful media campaigns which can now reach larger audiences through the digital media broadcasting platforms.

There is much to learn from companies which pioneer environmental practices and the benefits of working towards sustaining our environment. Continue reading Our Environment