Best Time Of Day For Social Media

Clients regularly ask “What is the best time of day for Social Media interaction?” The answer depends on which country/region you want to reach – and where you are currently based in the world.

For example, if your business is based on the East Coast (EC) of the United States, and you want to strategically target the whole United States. You should post around 11am and additionally post around 5pm for the West Coast. This will also reach target markets in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, etc.

A business based on the “EC” with the intent of reaching Europe or Africa should post around 10pm. While interest in Asia, Australia should likely post around 5pm.

This gives the highest likelihood of being “heard” on-line, as people are just waking, getting organised and checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, along with other Social Media sites. Customising times expands your potential reach.